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The Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County advocates for resources to help every member of our community have a safe and affordable home.

Advocacy: Programs

HCESC 2021 State Legislative Agenda

  • Housing - Support the Governor's request of $460M for affordable housing, including a $240M investment in the Housing Trust Fund 

  • Rental Assistance - HB 1277 will create a dedicated revenue source for rental assistance. 171,000 households are behind in their rent mostly due to Covid related impacts. Without rental assistance many of these households will never get back on their feet causing an explosion in homelessness.

  • Progressive Revenue - Washington State's tax code is upside down with low income earnings paying a tax rate of 17% and high income earners only 3%. How is this fair or equitable. Progressive revenue measures like SB 5096 would help flatten that curve of inequality. 

  • Budget - Reject any cuts to housing and homeless programs. Service providers are already struggling because of increased covid related demand. Don't make it worse!

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In Snohomish County

At the local level, we are working with elected officials and stakeholders throughout the community to support funding for affordable housing in order to increase the amount of affordable housing over the next 10 years. We call on the County Council to pass the one-tenth of one percent sales tax for affordable housing.

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In Washington State

We work with State Legislators and affordable housing advocates to promote legislation that will support the development, operation and preservation of affordable housing in Washington.

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We work in cooperation with partner organizations around the state such as the Washington  Low Income Housing Alliance, the Housing Development Consortium , the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium, the Tacoma Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium  and the Washington State Coalition for the Homeless to support legislation for affordable  housing.


In the Nation

We monitor Federal housing legislation and support adequate funding for HUD programs, including the Section 8 voucher program. More on federal issues can be found at the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

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